About Us

We have many years of experience, matured over time in Italy, selecting, marketing and selling fine foods and specialties; we aim to talk to Importers and Distributors to reach the goals we have been given by our producers: to promote, market and sell their products in the UK and Ireland.

Italy is a country full of crafts and masters, a country where passion and sentiment are stronger than business alone, a country where the elements of production are in perfect harmony with the whole. Our country is made of many regions and provinces, North to South, East to West, each with its own character and culture.

From the Piedmont region of Langhe, to the Emilana district of Parma also known as "The Food Valley"or the village of Gragnano in the south, each area possesses a unique culture and gastronomic heritage of superb quality.

We are a representative Agency based in the UK, we offer to connect top class Italian producers with the Distribution world in the UK and Ireland; we promote only the finest products at the best prices from each of these Italian Districts. Everything we represent contains only the real, genuine ingredients required by the recipe and is of the highest positive impact to the environment, ensuring superior quality in every aspect of the food. Like the ingredients and the regions themselves, Districts of Italy brings together these products to create something more, something unmistakeably Italian.

Districts of Italy is a Trade Mark of MFT55