The Tortellino District











Bella Emilia Srl, is a producer of fresh filled pasta. Using the highest quality ingredients, each shape is bronze-extruded which gives the quality and authenticity of the product. Founded in 1993 as a workshop, it has been able to grow over the years whilst maintaining their quality characteristics. The experience, advanced production technologies and the high standard achieved allow them to meet the needs of an international clientele, both with branded and private label products.The quality of this product has met with the European Standard Regulation, IFS and BRC certifications. Bella Emilia is a company attentive to the tastes and needs of the modern consumer. The range includes tortellini al prosciutto, tortelloni di ricotta and spinaci, tortellini alla carne and the "tortellino di Modena", as its original recipe.

In Modena you will find two of the great Italian passions, good food and fast cars. From The Apennine Mountains to the plains south of the Po River, Modena is a province with a rich history and an important past. Founded on Etruscan land, it was later laid claim to by the Celts and Romans, and now boasts a varied mixture of the intellectual, artistic and cultural interests for all who tread there.

Wandering down its tightly knit streets you get a sense of the canals that once flowed through the heart of the city, echoed in the flowing of Modena’s three great wines, the Lambrusco Grasparossa of Castelvetro, the Lambrusco of Sorbara and the Lambrusco Salamino of Santa Croce. That fluid beauty is mirrored in the design of the quintessential Italian signifier, the Ferrari, and the gallery in Maranello exhibits these legendary cars, their pictures, and trophies that have made the Picture26brand renowned all over the world.

a-rectangular-plate-with-modena-pig-trotter-and-lentils.jpgModena is also celebrated for its exquisite culinary palate, exemplified by the symbolic local dish, Zampone, stuffed pigs trotter, with lentils. This festive dish’s popularity extends beyond the holiday season and is enjoyed all year round. Equally, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Vignola cherries and Modena pears all contribute to Modena’s status as one of Italy’s premiere food districts. Lastly, its legendary "Tortellini di Modena", stuffed with pork meat, ham and Parmigiano cheese is the perfect complementary dish to accompany any of the region’s fine Lambrusco wines.