The Pecorino Cheese District


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Ovis is run by the Ledda Piras family, pastors for generations. They have always produced Pecorino cheese for consumption mainly for family and occasionally for family and friends. For three years, thanks in particular to the growth of demand, which over time has expanded the circle of acquaintances and friends of friends, was built a small dairy. The project is to increase production, without affecting the quality of the cheese.

img 1236704383 7Cheese made exclusively with pure sheep's milk from the herd of the family.  They produce forms of 1 / 1.5 kg and 2.5 kg with about 20-30 days of ripening (fresh cheese) and also forms of a larger size which is seasoned for longer (semi-mature). The cheese is hand made with using traditional family recipes. All this results in a genuine, natural and biological Pecorino cheese.


img 1236704411 5OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS;

Cottage Cheese: fresh cheese, very creamy, made ​​in the last stage of processing of milk.

Raveggiolo: a soft textured cheese, with a very delicate flavour, made ​​in the first phase of the milk processing. An ideal cheese to enjoy the freshness of the milk.