The Ham District

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Tanara Giancarlo uses only the finest, naturally fed pigs from Emilia and Lombardia. Years of experience and patience have resulted in a careful process which produces a traditional prosciutto that is renowned for its quality and flavour throughout Parma and beyond. Products include 24 month Parma Ham and 36 month L`Antico Nero Cured Ham.

Most likely founded and named by the Etruscans, Parma has become synonymous with the highest quality pork and ham found anywhere in the world. Since time immemorial, herds of pigs have roamed the vast woodland area between the rivers Enza and Stirone, breathing in the dry, saltless air of the chestnut woods below the Apennines. In combination with the dense, damp fogs of the lowlands, the gentle maturing process of shoulders of ham (spalle) and the central haunch (culatte) create authentic gastronomic masterpieces. From the cured Parma ham to the salame of Felino and spalla cotta of San Secondo, Parma boasts these champions of quality and sweetness.

Parma itself is home to one of the world’s oldest universities, the University of Parma, as well as the bustling Palazzo della Pilotta, hosting the Farnese Library and Theatre, the National Archaeological Museum, the Bodoni Museum and the National Gallery, exhibiting stunning works by Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci and Canova. Its spiritual home is the religious centrepiece of the Cathedral on Piazza del Duomo, along with the Baptistery and Bishop’s Palace.

duomo di parmaBut it is for its hams that Parma is world famous. Langhirano is the sovereign territory of Parma Ham, and is home to Tanara Giancarlo SPA, ‘Parma Ham Curer.’ For Tanara Giancarlo, four words are at the heart of what they do; experience, patience, climate, mastery. It is in their preparation that the sweetness of this succulent ham lies. It begins with the strict selection of the meat, exclusively from Emilia and Lombardia, famed for their excellence in pig breeding, their all-natural feeding guaranteeing the high quality of the pork.

The thighs for the ham are all from the Bassa Padana area, renowned for pigs that produce the very best in pork for the long curing process. A little natural sea salt is added, by hand as in the true tradition, and this is the only preservative used. Left to hang, the hams then dry in the pure Apennine air that penetrates the meat, giving it its superior quality. The hams are left to hang for a minimum of 18 months, though this can be extended for another ninety days upon request for an even higher quality of excellence.

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Elegant style, handmade production. The flywheel slicer is the best choice for slicing prosciutto. Aluminium construction, stove-enamelled finish, stainless steel food contact parts.

Protection ring around the blade, easy to disassemble for a thorough cleanup, fully hand-operated, built-in sharpener.

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