Bella Emilia

Bella Emilia is a producer of fresh filled pasta. Using the highest quality ingredients, each shape is bronze-extruded which gives the quality and authenticity of the product, the range includes tortellini al prosciutto, tortelloni di ricotta and spinaci, Lasagne all`Uovo, Fagottini al prosciutto and the “tortellino di Modena”, as its original recipe.

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anticoneroosso schedatecnica

Tanara Giancarlo Prosciutti

Tanara Giancarlo uses only the finest, naturally fed pigs from Emilia and Lombardia. Products include 24 month Parma Ham and 36 month L`Antico Nero Cured Ham; which won 3 stars at the Great taste Awards 2015.GT 15 3 star 2

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Torta Pistocchi`s chocolate forms the rich, velvety texture of their cakes. Very little cocoa powder is used, and no flour, egg, butter or sugar is added to the mixture. Torta Pistocchi bakes knowing that their dark chocolate speaks for itself.GT 16 1 star 3

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Ovis is run by the Ledda Piras family, pastors for generations, the family make the cheese exclusively with pure sheep`s milk from their herd. Each process is done by hand; from breaking down the curds to the adding of natural sea salt. Products include fresh Pecorino and semi-mature Pecorino, as well as Ravaggiolo and Cottage Cheese.

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Frantoio Franci Gift Set

Frantoio Franci

Frantoio Franci is set in Montenero d’Orcia, Tuscany, a small hilltop town on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains, overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia. Villa Magra Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense fruit flavour and is their flagship. The first oil bore this label. Other labels include le Trebbiane and Olivastra Seggianese. 

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Bonolio Olive Oil Company was born in 1934 in Agrigento, Sicily. For more than half a century it has succeeded in turning the passsion for traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a balanced and healthy nourishment into a very impressive reality, within the entire sicilian area. Today the Bonolio Olive Oil factory includes the biggest oil-mill in Sicily.

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La Cà dal Nôn

The Acetaia La Cà dal Nôn has been producing Tradional Balasmic Vinegar of Modena for generations. It is the most ancient product of the Modena Region. It won 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2016 along with Saba.GT 16 2 star 3


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buffalo mozzerrela

La Maremmana

Il Caseifico Inno Al Sole is a family run business located in Grosseto, south Tuscany and produces Mozzarella cheese made from Buffalo milk with the brand, "La Maremmana". It is only in recent years that the farm has created a Cheese Factory for the processing of Buffalo Milk, in addition to its tradtitional activities or livestock and agriculture.

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Danieli il Forno delle Puglia

DANIELI-Il Forno delle Puglie was born in 2003 and found its roots in Bitonto, the city of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, located in the North of Bari, typical and renowned village in the heart of Puglia. Their main product is the Tarallo.GT 16 1 star 4

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Parmigiano-Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse

I sapori della Rossa produce Parmigiano Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse made from the milk of the rare Red Cows. The rich and creamy milk from these herds compliments the traditional methods of the artisanal cheese makers – with higher levels of butterfat and protein allowing an extra-long maturing process, resulting in a uniquely nutty and flavoursome cheese.

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