Districts of Italy


We are proud to be Italian and we are passionate regarding Food and Drink from Italy; in his cookbook entitled “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well” – 1891 in Florence – a classic in the art of Italian cooking, Mr. Pellegrino Artusi explains he belongs to a particular country, Italy, where diversity is its real wealth: he travelled from Trapani in Sicily discovering the Couscous to Alto Adige in the North to taste the SpƤtzle, proving that Italian Cuisine is one but divided into many “Districts” each with its own cultural diversity. Each district capable of offering a wealth of products, experience and a culture not found in any other country. This is how our trading name was born: Districts of Italy.

We need to go back to the 1993 when in front of a wooden box with six Tuscan specialties: a bottle of EVOO, a Cacciatorino, a jar of Jam, a jar of Honey a jar of wild boar Sauce, and a piece of Pecorino, the love and interest for regional specialties and food and drink in general had begun.

Since then, we have been continually discovering artisan delicacies and production techniques linked to ancient traditional recipes passed on by word of mouth from family to family. We have learnt that good food can be produced by the industry to a very high standard that pays respect to quality ingredients and traditional processes. We are able today to source and offer to the market products which are fully certificated and secure.


Our vision is to believe that good and sincere food can reach the table of everyone, the price alone is not proof of quality and the latter can be guaranteed only by professionality and honesty in the making of the product.


Our mission is to provide a service to the customer, the distributor, with the maximum professionalism: listening to what is required, looking for and proposing the best solutions, respecting the time schedule, and guaranteeing that the goal is reached with satisfaction to both the customer and the producer.